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Cades Cove: Hyatt Lane

Hyatt Lane in Cades Cove

I woke up early this morning and already had my camera gear packed, so I decided to head up to Cades Cove. I have been recovering from being sick all week and in some ways, I’m still not entirely better. Cades Cove offers so many photographic opportunities, but as I can usually only go on weekends, I try to get there early and leave as quickly as possible. (This can be hard thanks to the cove’s abundance of deer and while there is usually a pullover a few yards ahead, vehicles insist on stopping in the road.)  I was going up to see photograph some fall colors, but today just wasn’t the day for that and the colors are still probably about a week or two away from being peak.

Once I got to Hyatt Lane, I decided to turn there and bypass the Cable Mill area and about 15 vehicles that did not understand the concept of the pullover.  (I really encourage you to only stop in the road when wildlife is crossing the road, otherwise please use the pullover.)  Hyatt Lane offers great opportunties to photograph deer and some great landscapes.   However, with the heavy overcast sky, most landscape shots wouldn’t work too well.  I think this one only works because I used HDR.  I tend to create more photorealistic HDR images rather than the over the top over processed HDR images typically seen.

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