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Photowalk with Student Photography Club (Downtown Knoxville)

After doing a seminar on the basics of exposure to the Student Photography Club at UT on Thursday night, some thought it would be a good idea to do a photo shoot today. The plan was to meet up near the Convention Center and the Sunsphere about 1:00. The downside to shooting that late in the day is that you really have to pay attention to shadows and the lighting. The upside is that there is a lot of activity to photograph. As we were waiting for people to show up, there were lots of motorcycles passing. It turns out the Easyriders Bike Show was taking place. I used this as an opportunity to practice some panning shots as well as bikers on the way to the Convention Center. After waiting about 15 minutes, it appeared that everyone that was going to show up had shown up, so we proceeded to make our way through Downtown Knoxville. As we made or way to Market Square, we ran into a mob of people following this comedian around. The comedians was Neil Hamburger. It turns out it was all part of the Big Ears Festival that is taking place this weekend in Knoxville. Some of the other photographers became a part of the mob. We followed them until it ended. I was actually kind of glad it ended. The comedic style just wasn’t funny for me, though I can see how others would find it funny. We concluded by making our way back to World’s Fair Park. There have been a few other outings by the club, but I haven’t been able to make them. Hopefully there will be many more. Here’s a few of the images from this afternoon.

Panning shot as guy rides towards me. Guy waves to the group of photographers taking pictures. United States Flag and State of Tennessee Flag Neil Hamburger talking about the attempted assassination on Vice-President Jones??? Alley in downtown Knoxville US Flag being flown on the back of a motorcycle. US Flag being flown on the back of a motorcycle.

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