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I’ll admit it… I have really been slacking when it comes to blogging. So for the next few days, I am going to post some of my more favorite photos from the Photo-A-Day project I am doing this year. After I finish up January through June, I’ll post on some of the lifestyle family portrait sessions as well as some events.

This post will focus on the month of January. I’ll give a little info on where it was shot from and also how it was shot.

January 6
For the shot of the keyboard, I set my camera on a tripod and composed it how I wanted it. I had two remote flashes setup and used the Canon timer remote to trigger the camera times 6 times with a 10 second delay between shots. I then proceeded to play. Of the six images, this one came out the best. Since my keyboard is predominately silver anyways, I decided that a B&W conversion of this image would suite it best.

January 8
For the night driving shot, I set my camera up on a tripod in the back seat and mounted my 15mm Fisheye lens. I used the timer remote to fire a series of long exposures. It took some experimenting to get this right. I would drive a little bit and then pull into a parking lot to check my photos. Once I got a combination I was happy with, I left it there and drove around some more. If I recall correctly, this was in the old city area.

January 12
The shot of Gay Street Bridge is simple, yet a favorite. I love shooting at night time. A subject can present itself in a totally different light (pun intended). Not much to explain in this shot, I set my camera on a tripod and did a long exposure. What makes this shot, is the time it was shot. Several minutes earlier or several minutes later would have resulted in a much ligher or much darker sky.

January 17
The group shot was a 26 image stitched panorama. I’m guessing there is somewhere right around 1,000 people in it. By far, my largest group shot ever. For the past 4 years now, I’ve been one of the official photographers for Gulf Coast Getaway, a Church of Christ conference targeted towards college-aged students. To shot this, I was up on the roof of one of the penthouse suites of one of the towers at the Edgewater Beach Resort. I oriented my camera vertically, set my exposure, and shot away. Although I posted this images as the Photo-A-Day, I have a much better image I was able to process after I got home. I have it available here:

January 26
This is kind of a cliché shot of Downtown Knoxville. I drove up to the top floor of the 11th Street Garage and shot World’s Fair Park, the Convention Center, and Downtown Knoxville. As cliché as it is, an image like this sales.

January 30
The photo of Regas’s sign is quite unique. Since I work during the day, I found myself shooting at night a lot. I really hadn’t planned to shoot the sign, but thought I’d give it a try with an ultra-wide angle lens. From that one exposure, I envisioned doing something similar to my final photo. This photo combined several techniques to give it that look. The first is it was a multiple exposure (7 exposures) HDR image. I tone mapped it, but it still didn’t have this final look I had imagined.

  • Lisa - The group pano is fantastic.
    The downtown night shot might be cliche, but I love it. I keep trying to get over there for the same shot. May have to wait until fall when the days are not so long.
    Really like the Regas sign also. Did you use a filter to get the starbursts? Processing afterwards?
    Your night shots encouraged me to try the library shot last month and now I am hooked.

  • Carrie - Nice pics… I like the night time one with the lights… very cool! Keep it up!

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