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February 09 Summed Up

I’ll admit it… I have really been slacking when it comes to blogging. So for the next few days, I am going to post some of my more favorite photos from the Photo-A-Day project I am doing this year. After I finish up January through June, I’ll post on some of the lifestyle family portrait sessions as well as some events.

This post will focus on the month of February. I’ll give a little info on where it was shot from and also how it was shot. February is a shorter month, but is also about the time the Photo-A-Day project gets kind of tiresome. The inspiration to get out and shoot just isn’t there on a lot of days. That’s another reason I have fewer favorites from the month of February.

February 6
I like the shot of the mixer board because it is another part of me that people get to see… or rather hear. Besides having a photographic eye… I also have a musical ear. This is part of the reason why I serve as the ministry leader for Media and Technology for my church. I shot this using only a music stand light. I like the diagonal lines that are formed by each channel and the knobs from each setting. I used a macro lens and shot from wide open all the way down to f/32. In the end, I liked the limited depth of field shot better.

February 7

The shot of the flag on the back of the Harley was featured in an earlier post about a Photowalk I did with the Student Photography Club at UT. The look came from a popular free lomo photoshop action.

February 11
During the school year, our church has a meal on Wednesday nights. It’s really convenient to go straight from work to church and not have to concern yourself with getting dinner. This particular night, the power had gone out. I just had my P&S camera with me, so I sat it down, put it on timer release and took the long exposure. It gives the sense that the kitchen is still busy despite no power.

February 26
A simple shot of Cumberland Avenue. I set my camera up on a tripod on the bridge that connects 11th Street Garage to the Hill and took several long exposure. I liked this location over others because of the curve in the road and it’s a little higher up, so it gives a different kind of perspective.

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