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April and May 09 Summed Up

I want to get around to posting some other things, but want to finish these summaries up as well. That is why this post will be about April and May.
April 5
During the last few days I was in Brazil, I spent in Recife.  There is a really old area near Recife called Olinda that I was interested in seeing.  This is the Church of Saint Benedict in Olinda.  One of the things I really loved about my stay in Brazil was how well the sky polarized when using a circular polarizer.  The sun is really high in the sky most of the day, so it is also easier to get a polarized sky.
April 9
One of the subjects that is more challenging for me is flowers. It’s mainly because I get the feeling that it has all been done before. So when I do shoot flowers, there are some very specific criteria it has to meet. How are the colors? Is there another interesting subject? Can this make for an interesting composition? Actually, I’ll consider those with most every shot, but it’s more strict with flowers. For this, I headed to the UT Gardens while the tulips where in bloom. I saw the red tulip in a flowerbed of yellow tulips so I had color and an interesting composition.
May 11
For the water fountain shot, I knew that I wanted to do some night shoots of it at World’s Fair Park during what is commonly called the blue hour.  The blue hour a time after sunset (and before sunrise) where the sky turns into a deep blue.  Another interesting thing that I did not know about this fountain, was that at 30 minutes before they turn the fountain off, it runs through a program complete with music.
May 14
This shot at Norris Dam was really neat to get. I had heard that TVA was opening the spillways on several of their dams in the system. Having previously photographed sunrises and sunsets at Norris Dam, I knew the sunrise would make for a good shot. The spillway running makes it even better. I used a graduated neutral density filter to hold back the sky allowing it to go into that deep orange and red but not darken the dam.
May 16
This photo was taken while I was waiting for the sunrise on the riverwalk. It provided an interesting composition with the placement of the great blue heron and the arches in the bridge. I got some really good sunrise shots, but being a photo-a-day, I knew I could go back and get a sunrise shot another day, this shot I may not be able to get again.

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