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August 19, 2009

Today’s photo was totally unexpected. I had gotten home from church and noticed something on my door. It was a FedEx door tag from where they tried to deliver something and I wasn’t home. I almost always ship stuff to my office and to my knowledge, I have received everything I have ordered, so this was a mystery. Maybe FedEx got the wrong address. Anyways, so I called up FedEx and gave them the Door Tag Number. They asked if they were speaking with Justin. (Um yes.) Then they asked if I lived at ……… (Yes.) Ok, so it looks like the package is indeed mine. Then they asked if I was expecting something from Canon Professional Services. (Um… um…. yeah sure.) I really wasn’t expecting anything. Another interesting thing about it was that it requires an adult signature. I haven’t signed any NDA’s recently, so that even further adds to the mystery. So after calling them up, I have told them to hold the package so I can pick it up tomorrow morning. I’m hoping its something that I can report tomorrow, but I’m guessing I probably won’t be able to.

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