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October 20, 2009

I had something else planned for today, but I’ll do it again later (maybe tomorrow). In the process of getting it I was approached by the security guard that works at this building. She said her boss doesn’t like people taking pictures of the building. I should have responded, “Well I don’t like be approached by security guards when I am not breaking any laws while on a public sidewalk, but that didn’t stop you did it?” I took the picture, but there was a shadow from a light pole that I didn’t like and it would have taken 30 minutes or so for the shadow to move. I had already decided to move on before she approached. She wanted to ask more questions, but the moment that I mentioned I was on a public sidewalk and wasn’t breaking any laws; Federal, State, Local, or otherwise, she went back inside. So in a way I hit a dead end today… really it was because I didn’t want to wait for the shadows to get better, not from the “photographers are terrorists” security guard though.

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