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Where did those posts come from and other web stuff for Photographers

If you’re a parent, athlete, etc, here’s the direct link to the sports gallery proofs: The rest

Last year one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take at least one photo every day during 2009.  I was successful in doing that but never seemed to get around to blogging.  This year I want to blog more but really, I was blogging over at my Photo-A-Day site practically daily.  I’ve decided in the long run that I don’t really want to maintain that site and it’s separate software, so I wanted to migrate it over here.  It was running PixelPost.  PixelPost really does work nicely for posting a single photo at a time, but really doesn’t compare to WordPress, the software I’m running here.  Unfortunately exporting from PixelPost to WordPress wasn’t very straight forward.  I found a script at that at least got the posts and comments exported.

You also may have noticed that the design has changed a bit.  I started this blog out using the original Professional Photographers Theme aka ProPhoto. I then become a beta test for version 2 and switched to it.  A few months ago I was invited back to beta test ProPhoto3.  Unfortunately I got very busy and didn’t have time to really look at it much.  Man, is this theme awesome!  There are so many features that I haven’t even started using yet.  If your looking for a high quality theme, I highly recommend using ProPhoto.  Here’s a discount code you can use to save $10 off a new installation: JACUFF2232.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating with some of my sports posts, since that is what a lot of my recent work as been.  A few people have asked how I sell those images.  The company I use is called ExposureManager.  They offer a lot of unique products such as Topps trading cards that make them the ideal company for a Sports Shooter.  They have their own professional lab which is top quality and they offer a lot of products which will appeal to the portrait and wedding photographer as well.  Also on my agenda is to get it better integrated with my blog here and my website at

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