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Basketball: West vs Bearden

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Friday night I was assigned to cover the West High School vs Bearden High School basketball games.  Both games were very exciting games… so exciting that neither wanted to end in regulation play.  Yes, both games were tied up and went into overtime.  It almost never fails… I get a Friday night assignment and that game goes into overtime.  It makes for some very fun basketball to watch and to photograph, but it also makes it fun to select and caption images and get them submitted before deadline.  I’m not complaining though.  Back during football season, I added the ability to tether my cell phone to a laptop, thus always having a 3G connection to the Internet where ever I am at.  That really helps me out when it comes to making deadlines.  West High School ended up winning both games when the overtime periods were said and done.  This is really significant for the boys because up until that night, Bearden High School was undefeated.

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