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Basketball: Farragut vs Maryville

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Tuesday night I was assigned to cover Farragut High School for their games against Maryville High School at Maryville.  Since Maryville is a gym I had never shot at before, I tried to get there as soon as I got off work.  There are two things I am primarily looking for.  1) Easily accessible power outlets that don’t require some crazy stringing of power cords.  2) Rails where I can mount my super-clamps so that the lights will be behind the goal.  Luckily Maryville had both, so I decided I would use my strobes.  While I was there to primarily cover Farragut, it ain’t easy moving my lights around, so I ended up shooting quite a bit of Maryville as well.  The Farragut girls lost 47-56 while the Farragut boys won 53-49.

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