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Downtown Knoxville Photowalk

The University of Tennessee has a great non-credit photography program that is part of the Professional and Personal Development Outreach. During 2008 a couple of my friends were taking classes and mentioned it to me. I love photography and it sounded fun, so I signed up for a few classes. Before I knew it, I had completed the program in a little over 10 months.  One of the first classes a student will take is Fundamentals of Digital Photography I.  It’s really targeted towards folks that may have just gotten their first SLR and want to learn how to use it or folks that have decided that they want to really understand what they are doing with their camera.

From time to time, I will help out by serving as an adviser on the field trips, especially if it’s a nice day.  The instructor shoots Nikon, so he can get a little lost when it comes to Canon cameras.  The weather was really nice on Saturday, though it was a little colder than i thought it was going to be.  The above photo is a panorama I stitched together to give you an idea of just how many students are in this class.  The instructor and two other advisers are in the photo but the rest are all students. Sometimes the students are very shy and don’t ask any questions, though I know they have them.  Other times they have questions galore.  When I’m serving as an adviser, I usually don’t shoot much.  When I shoot, it’s usually to demonstrate the technique or documentary as the photo above.  Getting a great photo isn’t my priority.  Getting proper exposure is always a priority.  Secondary is getting a good composition.  With those caveats in mind, below is a few images from the walk.

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