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Baseball: Bearden vs Knoxville Catholic

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The start of baseball is usually one of the first signs of spring.  Even before the temperature has warmed up or before the plant life comes back to life, baseball has started.  During the fall I was only covering high school football.  In the wintertime, I was only covering both the boys and girls high school basketball.  There are a lot more sports in the spring, so I hope to be covering quite a variety.

The first assignment of this spring was to shoot the Bearden vs Knoxville Catholic baseball game at Catholic.  I have never shot a baseball game before, so this was a first.  Having field access is very helpful, but also something I take more cautiously in baseaball then with other sports.  Football and basketball are risky in that the players and the ball can come flying at you.  In both, you often have a bit of time to react and get out of the way.  In baseball, you have mere seconds to get out of the way if a 90mph fastball is a line drive foul coming straight for you.  I think I’m gonna prefer shooting from within the dugout or behind the backstop.  Another thing I learned was I need to bring my own folding camping chair. While on this assignment, I also really wanted to test out the new Canon 7D camera that I had recently bought.  I was looking to upgrade my Canon 1D Mark II with a more recent body that can handle high ISO noise better.  The 7D had appealing specs and with a 1.6x crop factor, I would have to do less cropping to get a tighter shot with one of my super-telephoto lenses attached to it.  So far, I’ve been impressed.

Now onto the game summary and some photos.  Catholic got off to an early two point lead, but that didn’t last long thanks to a bases loaded home in the top of the third inning.  I looked at the TSSAA website for the rules of baseball, but I couldn’t find anything other than how a tournament should be directed.  As of know, I’m not sure if the game ended in the 7th inning because that is all that is played or if that is when the mercy rule goes into effect.

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