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Softball: Karns vs Powell

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If you are a subscriber to the RSS feed of this blog, you may have noticed over the past few weeks the images were being resized to 50×50 pixels.  I had installed a plugin called WPTouch which is supposed to make the blog more accessible via devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, and Droid but it was messing with more things than it should have. Now the thumbnails should be back to their old standard size of 300×200.

Tuesday I wanted to get out and shoot some softball. I looked on the schedule and saw Powell was hosting Karns.  I hadn’t shot any softball yet so it would be a good opportunity for me to practice before I got assigned to shoot a softball game.  Living in Powell, this is also a very convenient school to cover.  Both Powell and Karns are in the coverage area of the paper I shoot for, but usually another photographer gets assigned to them while I primarily get assigned to cover the West Knoxville schools.  Covering softball is kind of like covering baseball, but on a smaller field.  This also affords photographers that may not have much reach via their 70-200mm lens a chance to shot pretty tight with minimal cropping afterwords.

I normally like to shoot a few innings behind the backstop near home plate.  Powell’s field didn’t really allow that so I spent most of my time near the end of each dugout.  I didn’t stay very long, mostly because I was mainly interested in getting some practice in and had some other things I needed to take of that night as well. Powell ended up with the 1-0 win over Karns. Here just a few photos from that game.

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