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Softball: Farragut vs Bearden

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Wednesday was a busy night at Bearden High School. The Bearden Invitational Soccer Tournament started that day and is running through Sunday.  However, I wasn’t assigned to cover any of those games.  My assignments were to cover softball at 5:30 and baseball at 6:30.  “At least they are right beside each other” I thought to myself.  Honestly, I had never been to the Bearden softball field and didn’t know exactly where it was.  Turns out they are on opposite ends of the Bearden campus so I had a bit of a walk to get back to the baseball field.

I managed to get there right after work and with enough time to get lineups before the national anthem.  Fast-pitch softball is still a game that I feel less in tune with.  I attribute it to being a sport I have never played.  I’ve played slow-pitch softball and baseball, but never fast-pitch softball.  Anyways, when I left the game Farragut seemed to be in control of the game. Farragut won the game 10-0.

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