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Rugby: Bearden vs South Doyle

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Originally my plans for Saturday was to get in a couple of Rugby games. Lacrosse ended up taking longer that I thought it would, so I decided to just shoot the Bearden vs South Doyle game at 4:00.  A friend from church was wondering when I would shoot something of South Doyle’s (they are outside of my normal coverage area).  Since it was late afternoon, the lighting was really nice.  I was setup to shoot Bearden for the first half and South Doyle for the second half. Unfortunately, during the first half, most of the action took place on the other end of the field.  I think I counted 4 trys by South Doyle in the first half while Bearden had none. I didn’t see how many kicks were made. During the second half South Doyle had like 3 tries and Bearden 1.  South Doyle was really in control of the game and came away with the victory.

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