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Soccer: Bearden vs Hardin Valley

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Wow! What a crazy game this was. I got my assignment to cover this game on Tuesday.  The winner of this game would advance on in the regional tournament and it would mean the end of their season for the loser. Hardin Valley got on the score board first with a goal from Hayden Zelem. This score would also be the only score of the first half.  Bearden tied up the score just shortly after the second half started with a goal from Ben Ferguson. Bearden then took the lead after a goal from Andrew Sullivan. Hardin Valley got the 2-2 equalizer goal from Justin Haskell off a corner kick. The game then went into overtime.  The rules of overtime state that two periods of 10 minute each are played. If the score is still tied up at the end of those overtime periods, then two 5 minute sudden death periods are played.  If there is no score at the end of those, then it comes down to penalty kicks.  In the fourth minute of the second sudden death period, Bearden’s Connor McCarty scored thus eliminating Hardin Valley from the tournament.

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