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Hi, welcome to my photography blog! I love capturing emotions and creating memories through the lens of a camera. Even as a small child, I always asked for a camera for my birthday, for Christmas, whenever I did really good on my report card, etc. but didn't get my first camera until high school. Back then, everyone used film cameras. After high school, I went on to pursue a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering with an emphasis in Image Processing. Throughout college, I developed more of a passion for photography. I was always the person snapping pictures that would be used for our student organization's website or in the end of year slideshow. Also during college, I bought my first Canon 35mm Film SLR and the joy of photography really set in. I am not operating as a business yet. Right now, this site will serve as a place holder until I do eventually open for business. I will also use this to post some sample images and describe the process I went through I to get that image or image set. As much as I enjoy taking photographs, I also enjoy teaching others about photography. If you like my work and would like to talk to me about photographing something for you, please contact me.

Photo-A-Day: December 24, 2009
As I arrived, it started with the cold rain. I decided I’ll just take my G9 and shoot what I can with that handy little Point and Shoot camera. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s everyone!

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Photo-A-Day: December 22, 2009
10 on 10. Fulton’s Robert Boyd fouls West’s Calvin Walker as he attempts the reverse layup.

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