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On March 8, I received a request from the newspaper to go to West High School the next day and get some photos from their 2nd Annual Pose for a Change Fashion Show.  I was available, so on March 9, I headed over to West High School to get some shots for the paper.  All proceeds from ticket sales as well as individual donations went to the Make-A-Wish foundation.  The Make-A-Wish foundation grants wishes to children who have life-threatening medical conditions.

The show featured student models showing off Athletic wear, Spring wear, and Formal wear with a few songs performed in between sets by students and alumni of West High School.  With prom season nearing, I had decided that I was going to focus a little more on the Formal wear section.

Here’s just a few of the photos from that night:

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The Watson’s are a fun family.  Last year about this time they asked me to do family portraits of them.  We did a session at the UT Gardens and then went back to their home to continue the session in their backyard.  I captured some really great images that are framed all throughout their house.

The trick with shooting around this time of year is the almost daily evening thunderstorms. I can really make scheduling sessions fun. 🙂 We decided to do all the session at their house. It’s always somewhat of a challenge to shoot in places you haven’t already scoped out ahead of time, but hey… I love a good challenge.

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The Hagewoods are dear friends of mine.  I first meet Hunter and Lori shortly after they were married and moved to Knoxville.  Hunter had come to UT to get his MS degree in Computer Science. Their son Mathias was born during the time they lived at the Christian Student Center.  It wasn’t long before they moved to Brazil to join Lori’s brothers doing mission work in João Pessoa.

If you know me pretty well, you know that I’ve been to Brazil several times over the past 6 years.  The majority of that time has been spent in João Pessoa.  The Hagewoods have always been welcoming and letting me stay with them.  They had come up for a month or so to spend some time visiting friends and family.  A couple of those weeks were going to be spent in Knoxville.  So when Lori asked if I could do some family photos and some photos of the kids, I was more than willing to try to fit them into a pretty hectic schedule at the time.

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If you follow me on Facebook ( you’ve already seen these. I finally fixed the problems with the blog (I hope) and so I’m catching up on posting. Well it’s been about a month since I did this session with some good friends of mine. They wanted to do the session at Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains.  We met up at the gate on Saturday morning and drove the loop, stopping at select locations.  One of their first photos together was by the river on the trail to Abrams Falls.  Shortly after we did this session they were married down in the Florida Keys.

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Last weekend, the big day for Stephanie and Wade arrived.  I met them through a referral from another photographer friend whose wife was due with their first baby right around the time of their wedding.  The wedding was at First Baptist Concord- Westlake Campus and the reception was held at Rothchild.

I had posted a sneak peek gallery over on my Facebook page and meant to post here, but I’ve stayed quite busy.  I’ll update this post soon with a link to all the photos for the friends and extended family interested in purchasing prints.

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